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Installation And Configuration Guide

Session And Printer Management For Libraries

Standards Used In This Manual

Installation and Configuration Procedures

The .NET Environment

The Database Server

Installing Microsoft SQL Server

Restoring The Provided Database To The Server

Firewall Considerations

Database Settings For Applications

The Waiting List and Announcement Workstation

Installing The Waiting List

Special Keystroke Combinations To Enter Setup And Change Operation Mode

Guest Designations When Using Automatic Assignments

Configuring The Waiting List

Running a Waiting List And Announcements On The Same Computer

The Console Workstation

Installing The Console

Installing The VNC Viewer (Optional)

Understanding Console User Security Levels

Configuring The Console

The Public Workstation Engine

Installing The Engine

Installing VNC Server (Optional)

Methods to Access Setup

Configuring The Engine

Firewall Considerations

User Rights Considerations

Library Director Questionnaire

SQL Server Installation Worksheet

Prerequisite information

Installation Notes

Console Installation Worksheet

Prerequisite Information

Installation Notes

Waiting List Installation Worksheet

Prerequisite Information

Installation Notes

Configuration Notes

Patron Workstation (Engine) Installation Worksheet

Prerequisite Information and Actions

Installation/Configuration Notes